Fuse is now Jampack

What’s changing with the rebrand from Fuse to Jampack?

It’s more than a fresh name and look–we’ve got a brand new obsession over your event-cation.

Here’s what’s new with Jampack:

All your event details are now in one place. Everything you need to know about your events, hotel and parties are accessible anywhere, anytime in your account.

Count your savings. Now we'll show you exactly how much you're saving with all-in-one event packages booked through Jampack.

Don't let canceled events dampen your mood. If an event is canceled, we'll issue a refund on tickets purchased through Jampack within 72 hours.

Coming soon–relax knowing your trip is 100% covered. When the unpredictable, strikes we'll cover 100% of your trip. Best part? Our team negotiated the lowest rates in the industry. Wait and see.

If you want curated event recommendations (and save $20 on your next event-cation), sign up here.

Will the rebrand impact my current order?

No, your order will not change because of the rebrand. Get excited for your event-cation!

What will future payments look like on my credit card statement?

If you’re currently on a payment plan, you’ll notice a change on your credit card statement.