Capture more package revenue faster with preloaded carts

Allison Carpio
Mar 9, 2024

So you have high demand for your on-sale. Congrats! Your event is already a success!

However, your fans may be feeling uneasy with rocket-high levels of anxiety and nerves leading up to the on-sale. Sure, it's all a rush, but there's always a possibility they don't get a ticket or the package they want.

Plus, when you offer packages, the fan must build out their package step-by-step. Which is great for customization, but when every second and minute counts during an on-sale, you'll want to allow enough time for fans to craft their package without stressing about timing.

That's where the preloaded cart system comes in. It's a way to ensure that your fans get exactly what they want as quickly as possible, which lets you generate more revenue, even faster.

How the preloaded cart works

The preloaded cart not only allows fans to plan their purchase but also ensures peace of mind before your event offer goes on sale. Strategically, this approach allows event creators to capture more revenue within a shorter time frame.  

Roughly 1-2 hours before you're supposed to go on-sale, you would send out an email or SMS message to everyone on your presale list to load their cart.

Then fans can start building their package. All they have to do is:

  1. Select how many are in their group
  2. Choose their ticket type
  3. Select the package type (Super Fan, Elevated, etc.)
  4. Pick their hotel and room type
  5. Add any add-ons to their package.

Once fans get to  payment in the checkout flow, their checkout button is disabled with a timer showing how much time is left until the on-sale.

Once that timer hits zero, they can select a payment method, enter their payment details, and complete their order.

Compare that to starting all the way from step 1, and completing steps 1-5 once the on-sale starts.

Because fans do a majority of the shopping and customization using preloaded cart before the on-sale, you'll see more sales within the first minutes of your on-sale launch.

And, your fans love the peace of mind and feel rewarded for acting quickly. Their whole experience is simplified and much less stressful.

Why consider a preloaded cart for your event?

Improve the buying experience for fans

First, giving fans a chance to shop, price compare, and pre-load their cart 30 mins before an event means they feel more prepared and confident in their purchase and decision to go all in at your event.

Build more hype during your on-sale
The more fans buying per minute, the more hype you build. Fans celebrate and post about it when they book their package for your event–especially if they’re the superfan who bought early. Preloaded carts grows the number of fans posting about your event within the first few minutes of your onsale. 

Generate more revenue, faster

Second, in an era where time is often equated with money, your bottom line benefits significantly from the preloaded cart. This system inherently speeds up the purchasing process, ensuring revenue is generated at a faster rate - a critical component within the high-demand on-sale surge context.

For every ticket you sell in a package rather than stand alone, you take home as much as 30% more profit on. Encouraging your fans to purchase packages during on-sale not only makes their whole weekend the main event, but ultimately earns you more revenue to invest back into your event next year. And of course, you make your super fans happy. It’s a win-win.

Major festivals using preloaded cart

The top festivals in the world are taking advantage of preloaded carts for their on-sales, and they’re seeing outstanding results:

North America’s biggest emo festival: 31% of package orders came from preloaded carts, generating millions of dollars in revenue in under 15 minutes. 

New wave, gothic rock festival: 30% package orders came from preloaded carts.

Star-studded R&B festival: Generated multi-6 figures in less than 10 minutes.

With preloaded carts, on-sales get a head start in the first 10-15 minutes. 

Would you rather see slow sales during your on-sale? Or orders coming in faster than you can keep track? 

Make the most of your on-sale with preloaded cart

Partner with Jampack to offer your fans event packages via preloaded carts that turn event-goers into super fans.  Fill out the form below and a team member will be in touch within hours.

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